We aim to provide one-on-one impactful guidance, feedback, and recommendations in order to boost your performance in the PLAB 2 / UKMLA exam.

Additionally, we help you prepare for job interviews, training interviews, and boosting your CV to get that training number.

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Our team

Juan Suazo
Internal Medicine Trainee
Jhiamluka Solano
MD, MSc in Medical Education, MRCP, MAcaMEd
OSCE Examiner for the University of Manchester
Cardiology Trainee ST4
Carlos Cubero

OSCE Examiner at the University of Leicester

GP Trainee


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How often do you run your PLAB 2/CPSA course?

Once a month, usually within the last half of it. Very limited spots offered, as we aim to have 5-people maximum breakout rooms with our founders and experts.

What do mocks include?

Our intensive 2 week course is designed to help you prepare from scratch.

If you feel you need further practice, book our mocks with our experts that include 5 scenarios with thorough, same-day, written feedback using marking criteria resembling the GMC's.

What do practice sessions include?

Small group (3 people) or one-on-one sessions with our founders and experts to help you with challenging topics and scenarios.


Your 4- Steps to PLAB Success

Book our Course!

Start from scratch with us. We have designed the best course in the market.

We help you understand the mechanics of the exam and teach you using PBL so that you take advantage of your clinical knowledge to excel on the exam.

No Scripts!

The aim of the exam is to test your knowledge and how you would behave in the clinical environment, which is why we believe that scripts are detrimental for your your test and clinical skills. Life can't be scripted.


The quality of our instructors and their extensive background in the NHS and their teaching skills guarantee that your IPS will stand out from other candidates.

You have passed PLAB 2/UKMLA, what now?

Our experts are all accomplished NHS physicians with multiple audits, publications, and experience and are happy to guide you with your future career endeavours.